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We're a two-man design studio based in Denver, Colorado. We collaborate with businesses and individuals to create thoughtful and useful products.

Young & Hungry is an idea founded atop years of design and development experience in agencies, startups and freelance operations. Through our collective backgrounds, we've built our foundation on purposeful communication and curiosity. Purveyors of honesty, imagination, collaboration and hard work, we absolutely love design and we love what it can do for the world.

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Mike Cummings

Mike Cummings

With a childlike curiosity, Mike loves to make all things digital and analog alike. While coming from a background in illustration, Mike has spent the last six years as a hybrid designer / developer in some of the most fast-paced and technical environments the industry has to offer. The only thing he loves more than caffeine—cartoons, of course.

Alexander Diner

Alexander Diner

Coming from a background in art-direction and interactive design, Alexander revels in the beautiful and the useful. While often spending his time sketching and studying new things, he carries a well-rounded understanding of design and what makes things work. Leave him with a cup of coffee, some paper and a pencil and he'll be content for hours.

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