Young & Hungry - Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Young & Hungry is an organization that exists to apply the principles of thoughtful design to support passionate individuals and their ideas. We were built for this purpose.


Design as a practice deeply affects how we, as human beings, interpret the world around us. Much of our intuitive thought and analysis is based on subconscious feelings instilled in us through our visual and auditory systems.

As craftsman and knowledge workers, we understand the complexities of shape, form, color and experience. Using these proficiencies, we create meaningful design systems, identities, and products to solve real problems for real organizations and their proprietors.

We insist on creating value for our clients. When planning and building products, we wholeheartedly intend for that solution to create more value than it costs to build. With this motivation, we see each project as it is; a unique challenge requiring thoughtful process and execution. Purposeful design creates real value.

For the past 18 months, we've worked hard to cultivate this attitude and are fortunate to have collaborated with a handful of great companies that believe in what we do and why we do it. We're excited for the future and to continue to create experiences that make a difference.

Continue to check back for updates on projects, as well as details around our process and our thinking.

We're glad to be here.